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DancerAgape DancersAgape Dancers
6:00pm, 7:30pm and 8:15pm daily

EVZone Dancers

Evzone Dancers

7:30pm daily
Senior Dancers 8:15pm daily

The Evzone dancers are young men between Grade 10 - college. They are dressed in an Evzone uniform which is the costume of the elite Greek soldiers. The Evzones are trained to perform ceremonial duties. They guard The Tomb of the Unknown soldier, the Presidential Palace, and raise and lower the flag at the Acropolis every Sunday.


Maria Kayafas is presenting a cooking demonstration on three days at 2:00 pm. Wednesday July 27, Thursday July 28 and Friday, July 29 in the second floor Learning Center.

There will be a full demonstration, copies of the recipe available, and a sample of what was cooked so people can try it out!

Maria will be demonstrating how to make Kataifi. This is a traditional, and very popular, Greek dessert made with shredded phyllo, with syrup, and custard... Simply amazing!

We plan to present something new every year. It should be a lot of fun and allow people to see how easy it actually is to work with phyllo. Phyllo can be intimidating, for sure, for those who didn't grow up using it in their kitchen. The demonstration should take 30 minutes and we hope many people come to watch and learn!

Music TentMusic Tent
Live Greek music Thursday, Friday & Saturday 6 pm to 10 pm

Music TentThe Greek Company Orchestra
Daily - 6pm to 10pm

One of America's best Greek orchestras. Showcasing a wide variety of Hellenic music styles, The Greek Company can excite any crowd with a colorful blend of dance music and easy-listening tunes. These five talented musicians from the Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio area have been entertaining ethnic music fans for the past three decades.


The Donnie Gilbert Radio ShowThe Donnie Gilbert Radio Show
Friday, July 29 - 12pm (noon) - 3:00 pm

Live radio and Facebook broadcast on Friday, July 29th from noon till 3:00 pm